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Simem means Records: the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance dam project featured a Simem plants which established the Guinnes World Record for the production of concrete in 24hours!


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Since the beginning, SIMEM equipments have been known for their quality, heavy duty design and research of performances, supported by a proactive service organization with spare parts always available, trained technicians, and technical support for Customers; all these resources are convincing many Customers to rely on SIMEM plants for their projects, starting from portable ready-mix units up to large projects which are already part of SIMEM history.


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Simem Concrete


In 1963 in Minerbe, Italy, 40 km from Verona, the Furlani family estabilished a manufacturing facility with the sole aim to create the highest quality machinery and ensure customer satisfaction. The rolling out of the first Reversing Drum Mixer in that year, marked the start of SIMEM company...

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Simem Spil


Simem has been providing batching plants for the precast industry since its early days. In 2018 it was decided to acquire the specific expertise in order to better integrate the systems with a view of smart factory integration. In January 2018 Schiaslo Spil proudly joined the SIMEM Group Families....

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Simem Underground


For more than 20 years Simem has been a partner to the tunneling and mining industry supplying mixer and batching plants, until in 2017 Simem Underground was started in Abbottsford, BC, Canada offering the unique expertise developed by the prrevious company in the field...

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SIMEM means Records

On December 23rd, 2009 SIMEM received the prestigious honor of providing the batching and mixing plants needed to construct one of the largest and most important engineering works ever planned: the widening of the Panama Canal through the construction of a new system of locks. The project was successfully supplied and completed a few months ago with the outstanding performance of SIMEM plants, which ensured non-stop production of 5 million cubic meters of concrete during the 5-year project!

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Products by Simem


Mixers, conveing, distributing and dosing devices are the core machines of our equipment. with more than 100 years worth experience the Simem family of companies will be able to deliver concrete solutions for a successful future.

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SIMEM provides design, construction and installation of mixers and batching and precast automated plants for some of the most important construction projects around the world.

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cannabis plant soil mixture

What Kind of Soil Do Jade Plants Like? | Home Guides

Dec 14, 2018 · The only major soil requirement that jade plants have is that the soil must drain rapidly. The jade plant, native to South Africa, has adapted to thrive in rocky, sandy soils with low fertility.

Marijuana Soil Basics

When looking for a soil to grow cannabis consider the following elements: pH, nutrient composition, water retention, texture, drainage and ingredient composition. A good soil will look dark and rich, be loose, light and airy in it’s texture. It should also drain water and usually has between 10-20% perlite.

Best Soil Mix For Cannabis Seeds and Starts

Q: Any recommendation for a brand of good proven potting soil for starting seeds. I’d prefer a light mixture and sterilized. A: There are two schools of thought on soils for starting seeds. Sterile can help assure that the young plants get off to a good start without disease, fungus or pathogen. Unfortunately though, sterile [&hellip

The 3 Most Common Cannabis Pests & How to Get Rid of Them

The 3 Most Common Cannabis Pests & How to Get Rid of Them ... strain the mixture then apply to one small area of the plant. ... they can damage roots and reduce soil ...

Growing Cannabis in Soil? Don't Forget These Additives

Improving your soil content with teas is a great way to have healthy plants with luscious leaves and fat buds. Prevent pests, weeds, and boost the nutritional content of your soil by preparing nutritional teas for cannabis plants. It’s a method that derives from biodynamic and organic gardening methods and it helps grow big buds with great ...

Cannabis Cultivation: A Guide to Growing Marijuana

Cannabis plants are a hardy species that do quite well in an above average on the acidic scale environment. The recommended PH level for producing marijuana is between 6 and 6 1/2. If the alkalinity rises above 7.5, it can hinder the cannabis plant’s ability …

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Fertilize your Cannabis Plants For Maximum Buds

Nov 07, 2016 · Fertilize your Cannabis Plants For Maximum Buds Staff November 7, 2016 Growing Cannabis Your opinion matters! The type of fertilizer you choose to use for your plants can make a world of a difference in whether or not your cannabis plant will prosper or just be barely making it.

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A Simple Super Soil Recipe for Your Cannabis

Jul 28, 2017 · A Simple Super Soil Recipe for Your Cannabis ... Be sure to experiment to your cannabis plant’s liking when mixing your soil, and never be afraid to change things up a bit in the process. Your ...

How to grow out your baby cannabis plants

Nov 26, 2017 · I grow in soil, both indoor and outdoor. When I transplant up, my soil mixture is one part (Pro-Mix) Coco Choir soil with one part (Fox Farms) Ocean Forest mix, which includes a fine blend of: earthworm castings; bat guano; fish meal and crab meal. A pH of 6.2-6.8 should be maintained in soil. The best light for vegetating cannabis

Growing Cannabis in Coco & Perlite

Jan 09, 2012 · A Guide to Growing Cannabis in Coco and Perlite. We grow cannabis in a coco and perlite mix more often than any other growing style. It’s cheap to set up and combines the flexibility of a soil/pot grow with many of the advantages of a hydroponic grow.

Marijuana Cultivation Consulting

My approach to creating a cannabis clone or flower production facility is a mixture of economic, scientific and artistic sensibilities. I don’t stick to one ideology; I root clones and grow mother plants in rockwool with salt-based custom nutrients, and I flower plants under LEDs in beds of organic custom-blended soil.

How to Make Organic Soil for Cannabis – Happy Hydro

Let’s review the fundamentals of organic cannabis soil: The best organic soil for cannabis is built on equal parts of compost, aerators, and organic base material. Cannabis prefers an organic soil mixture with a pH havering between 6 and 7. Nutrient requirements for cannabis change slightly during each stage of growth.

Growing Cannabis Without Nutrients: There’s Pretty Much Only

Sep 10, 2019 · Growing Cannabis Without Nutrients: There’s Pretty Much Only 2 Ways To Do It If you're heavily into organic growing, or you're just looking for a low-maintenance "just add water" way to grow some cannabis, you may have thought about growing without nutrients.

Best Soil for Weed

Nov 08, 2017 · Soil is where your roots breathe and feed on water and cannabis nutrients.When attempting to grow your own marijuana plants it’s is good to have an understanding of what separates the best soil for weed from bad marijuana soil.

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Soilless Mixtures

Soilless Mixtures . From the word itself, the mixture literally does not contain soil. That means no garden soil or compost. In it, it is still possible to grow plants. The soilless mix contains peat moss with worm castings and many more. The following is an example of a soilless mix: Soilless Mixtures. 50% Perlite; 50% Vermiculite

Recipes for Success: Building Your Own Organic Potting Soil

Mar 01, 2016 · Building your own organic potting soil is no different than any other do-it-yourself project. It allows the gardener to save money while maintaining control over every aspect of the soil building process. Some might also argue that it produces a superior product.

No-Till Farming: Secrets to Success

Jul 10, 2018 · The farm grows its cannabis sustainably in living soil, but it wasn’t always a no-till operation. In fact, its growers had to “work the soil” for three years, building structure into it before it could fully switch over to no-till, Frigone says. Moving to no-till “was a really scary step, but it was worth it,” he says.

Everything You Need To Know To Grow Autoflower Cannabis

Sep 12, 2019 · Plant, water, and fertilize them, then let the sun and mother nature do the rest. Indoor growing is more technical, but just a bit. Whereas the Earth and the sun provide abundant soil and light, you’ll have to provide those for your plant. You’ll also need to pay a bit more attention to plant nutrition. Autoflowering grow cycle

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How to Use Neem Oil in the Grow Room

The usual way to go about applying Neem oil to plants is to use it diluted as a foliar spray. What is noteworthy to mention is that when you buy a Neem oil product, it is often that the instructions tell you to dilute it in water only. Commonly percentages with some Neem products are 0.1% or 0.2%, eg. 1-2ml Neem oil per each 1 liter of water.

What’s the Best Soil for Weed? Compare, Buy, & Save (2019

Mar 14, 2019 · The Soil King, who founded the Big Rootz company and formulated the soil mixture, is a winner of the Emerald Cup, northern California’s premier award for outdoor medical marijuana cultivation.

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Cannabis plant food and nutrients

Cannabis plant food and nutrients. A source of plant food likely to feature three essential ingredients to encourage the ideal growth in the garden, and this relates to potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Ingredients are certain to be clearly listed on the commercial plant food products and might appear like N P K.

What Types of Soil Should You Use When Growing Marijuana

Your soil is too tightly packed to permit the roots to grow and distribute. Compacted soil will choke a plant and stunt the development. Remove your plant, add some perlite or moss or other additive to the soil mixture, then transplant. It should perk up and begin growing in a day or two.

How to Cure Root Rot With Hydrogen Peroxide

Although your plant may look like a goner, you can reverse the root rot by watering the sick plant with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide. Step 1 Stop watering the plant and wait until the soil dries out completely to the touch.

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